Cannon Ball

Cannon Ball

Balls of Brick

As the Siege wore on the defenders not only started running out of food; they started to run out of ammunition as well. Ever resourceful, they stripped the lead from the roofs and filled the cannonballs with brick and whatever else they could find to suit the purpose.

From Walker’s Diary: “Our Iron Ball is now all spent, and instead of them we make Balls of Brick, cast over with Lead, to the weight and size of our Iron Ball.”

That resourcefulness wasn’t lost on the citizens either as Ash wrote in his Diary: “During this action at Windmill Hill, another party of them came over the bog, near the double bastion, and beat our men thence, all but a little boy, who, when they were climbing the trenches, stood stoutly upon the trench, and threw stones at them.”

From Mackenzie’s Diary: “Our women also did good service…and assisted to very good purpose at the bog-side in beating off the grenadiers with stones”

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