Fool or Knave

“Colonel Lundy desired to know the occasion of his jealousies of him. Captain Murray told him plainly his late actions had declared him either a fool or knave…”

From MacKenzie’s Narrative of the Siege of Derry


‘Fool or Knave’ is a two part graphic novel that tells Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lundy’s story; from his arrival into a turbulent Londonderry as Military Governor in December 1688 to his eventual escape from the city, his arrest and incarceration in the Tower of London in the spring of 1689.

In Part One, Lundy arrives into a city in turmoil and quickly sets about building its defences against the forces of King James II who wants Derry back under his control-by any means possible!

As the huge Jacobite army reach Strabane, Lundy is faced with a decision; wait for them to arrive at the city gates or take the war to them.