3rd August 1689

3rd August 1689

An old photo of Lifford in County Donegal. From the “Circumstantial Journal of the Siege of Derry” by Captain Thomas Ash :



“3rd [August 1689]. The cows which were taken yesterday were returned to their owners.
The enemy were in such haste, that at Lifford they burst three of their great guns, left one of their mortar pieces, and threw many of their arms in the lake.”


From Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689” by Thomas Witherow:


“…and before daylight on the morning of Thursday they [ the Jacobites] were well forward on the way to Lifford and Strabane, in full march for Dublin. Their rear was covered with a strong guard of horse; the city had no horse to pursue, and the gallant defenders were physically too much exhausted to interfere with the retreat. At Strabane the news met them, that Lord Mountcashel had been defeated and captured by the Enniskilleners.


So much were they frightened by this intelligence, that, in order to lighten their burden, and thus increase their speed, they burst their large guns, threw the smaller into the river, and pushed forward with redoubled haste, leaving many of their sick behind. They burned Omagh as they passed through, and, by way of Dungannon and Charlemont, marched on towards Dublin. Had Enniskillen only known in time how matters stood, and met them as they fled through the green valleys of Tyrone, very few of them would have gone farther, and the battle of the Boyne, fought the following year, would have been made altogether unnecessary by the men of Newtownbutler.”