29th July 1689

29th July 1689


Derry’s Peace Bridge on a foggy night. Below are some extracts from the various contemporary Siege Diaries.

Rev George Walker:


“… the Ships got to us, to the unexpressible Joy and Transport of our distressed Garrison, for we only reckon’d upon two days Life, and had only nine lean Horses left, and among us all one Pint of Meal to each Man; Hunger and the Fatigue of War had so prevail’d among us, that of 7500 Men Regimented, we had now alive but about 4300, whereof at least one fourth part were rendered unserviceable.”


Rev John Mackenzie:  


“…and that we might the better secure the people employed in bringing in the provisions to the stores, there was a blind made along the Quay, of casks and hogsheads filled with earth. The enemy continued to fire at us from their trenches as before…”


Captain Thomas Ash :


“ 29th {July 1689] Some men were appointed out of each company to bring the provisions on shore and to carry them to the store-houses.”