10th July 1689

10th July 1689

This is the actual cannonball referred to by Captain Thomas Ash in the extract from his Siege Diary below, which is on display (325 years later) in St Columb’s Cathedral, Londonderry.

“10th [July 1689] They discharged ten bombs; some of them fell into the old Church and opened the graves. In one of the bombs there was no powder, but there was a written paper.


Take the words verbatim:-

‘To the Soldiers and Inhabitants of Derry-The conditions offered by Lieut. Gen. Hamilton are sincere. The power he hath of the King is real; be no longer imposed upon by such as tell you the contrary; you cannot be ignorant of the King’s clemency towards his subjects. Such of you as chuse to serve the King, shall be entertained without distinction in point of Religion. If any chuse to leave the Kingdom, they shall have passes. You shall be restored to your estates and livings, and have free liberty of Religion whatsoever it be. If you doubt the powers given to Gen. Hamilton by the King, twenty of you may come and see it with freedom, under the King’s hand and seal. Be not obstinate against your natural Prince; expose yourselves no longer to the miseries you undergo, which will grow worse and worse if you continue to be opinionate; for it will be too late to accept of the offer now made you, when your condition is so low that you cannot resist the King’s forces longer.

July 10th, 1689’.”