Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lundy, Military Governor of Londonderry during the siege of 1688/9, has been vilified for centuries as a traitor. Although he was never formally charged with Treason, his name has become synonymous with betrayal and deceit. Not being charged also meant that he was never brought to trial, so the indictment of ‘Lundy the Traitor’ that originated on the streets of Derry over 300 years ago has grown and flourished, right up to the present day.

Lundy was eager to defend his reputation“…'which is deirer to me then my life, for I am called papest, traytor or cowarde”. He was sure that King William and Queen Mary would reward him for “…being the principall if not the Instrument under God of preserving Londonderry to them’ but King William locked him up in the Tower of London and ordered he be sent for trial.

Lundy was denied a hearing because those in power, he assumed “…haue a minde to make me a sacrafice for their owen faults'. Many Protestant leaders at the time believed it was“…neither safe nor practicable to send Lundy into Ireland to be tried” Rev George Walker, who helped Lundy escape the city, was vehemently opposed to him being returned to Derry for trial believing “…he has a faction for him…” inside the City’s battered walls.

Who was most at risk by sending Lundy to trial over 300 years ago and why should a trial be considered now?

By digging up the past and putting Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lundy forward for trial, we are examining our roots and searching for knowledge to help us understand who we are, where we came from and who we live beside. The paths from the past that lead to the present day are not as direct and straightforward as we may think they are.

It allows us to embrace the wider story of the Siege of Derry and join with others in celebrating and embracing one of the most significant events in the history of these islands.

We have begun a process that may see Lundy get the hearing due to him.  The Evidence is being actively pursued and will be presented here as it becomes available.